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Rosa, She Writes

yet another journal by rosa acicularis

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I read too much. I write too much. I am constantly forgetting to take out the trash.

I get all my best ideas while I walk my dog Jack; they are forgotten by the time I find a pen and paper. If I could simply remember to carry such items with me, I would be a world-renowned genius by now.

Yes, my name is Rose and I have a dog named Jack. I had yet to see Doctor Who when I adopted him, and I hadn't watched Titanic since I was thirteen. Nevertheless, it amuses me. (Though his real name is Englebert Humperdink. We just call him Jack for short.)

I think asparagus divine, and Freud makes me giggle. (It's a far more productive response than wasting your life away wishing you could kick a dead man in the shins.) I spend a lot of time talking and thinking about television, and not that much time actually watching it.

I believe people are at their best before the age of five. Some of the people I most admire have yet to master the use of the toilet.

I have daddy issues. It shows.

Now that I've finished school, I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself. I think I might join the Merchant Marine.